A great way to start selling online. Ideal for small businesses with simple products.

Shopify provides the start-up and small business world the opportunity to test the online retail world. Simple to work with and most functions for selling online are included in the basic package.

If you have relatively simple products and just want a site that looks nice and presents your products to the market Shopify is a great solution.

Shopify is an easy to use platform for selling products. Almost everything you need is built in.

A safe and secure payment gateway is provided out of the box and there are a stack of integrations should you need them. The speed of Shopify is great and it has built in Marketing Tools like email marketing, gift cards, discount coupons and store statistics.

Shopify requires a monthly fee but they are very reasonable and it means you have nothing more to worry about with hosting collecting your sales revenue.

Shopify has several off the rack and free themes and also a large selection of paid for themes to choose from and it can be customised but this can lead to some significant costs, best to check first.

Shopify customer service is very good and I think they seem to recognise they are possibly talking to a person who is not a skilled developer!!