Our Services

Brochure Sites

Suitable for delivering a simple message for a business or service or to prompt visitors to contact you.

  • Usually 1-3 pages.
  • Ideal for Social Media campaigns.

Custom Sites

Our expert designers work with you to create a website that provides the best user experience,
delivers your message simply and effectively.

No templates! Designed exactly to what your clients want to see and know about your service and

Software and Web Applications

Apps can be expensive and double the cost to make them ios and Android compatible. A web application can do the same thing but half the cost. We guarantee the best price in town to provide an app that will do whatever you need it to accomplish.


Small to medium businesses benefit from one of the most popular selling platforms in the world.

Combined with WordPress to make editing your own site simple. Integration with most accounting and inventory programs. Able to create complex variable products with size, colour and any other configurations of your products.

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Magento 2

Magento is used by 20% of the eCommerce world and handles about $100 Billion dollars a year in online sales.

Magento is the all in one eCommerce solution with tons of features and almost nothing left out to make it the most flexible online selling machine available.

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A great way to start selling online. Ideal for small businesses with simple products.

Shopify provides the start-up and small business world the opportunity to test the online retail world. Simple to work with and most functions for selling online are included in the basic package.

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Hacked Sites Fixed

Why they do it, who knows! There are several ways a site can be hacked. We find the problem, remove it and check the performance. Your site will be returned to you clean of the offending bugs.

Site Migration

Hosting Services come and go. We move sites to your preferred hosting company. Full QA testing on all moves and we check that contact forms and all other forms of communication are working how they should. Minimum downtime experienced.